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      I had my wedding gown custom made and my bride maids gowns were made by the same
      designer/seamstress. It was a lot of fun because I got to help design my
      wedding gown instead of buying it off the rack so I know I have a one of a kind,
      plus I choose the skirt style (long straight skirt with slit) and my bride maids
      and let them designed their own tops. That way they can’t blame me 10 years
      down the road for choosing an ugly dress ; )and by doing 2 pieces they could
      wear the top with something else and if they wanted to (since I choose a
      straight skirt) have the skirt cut off. It didn’t cost more them any more than
      buying an off the rack bride maids dress (actually cheaper due to alterations)
      and we had a lot of fun going to fittings together plus they got something they
      liked and that suited their body types.

      If you find a good seamstress that specialized in weddings it usually turns out
      to be cheaper (for the bride and anyone else) because of alterations, choice of
      fabrics and the seamstress can work within your budget. You’ll have a one of a
      kind dress that will always be special and unique. My designer/seamstress made
      my gown, my 3 bride maids and my mom’s gown also so everything coordinated well
      with style and color.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Wedding Events Howdy & Wedding Question