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      Hence- Bridezilla!!

      Honestly, we did our wedding much like your daughter’s. Our attendants
      were 1 each, and we let them pick their own clothing. Me and my Maid of
      Honor went dress shopping together. My wedding dress was a champagne
      colored empire waisted satin sheath, with a champagne and grey lace
      jacket that went over it. It was a prom dress (albeit, one that looked –
      nothing- like a prom dress), and I got it in June, after Prom, so I
      found it on clearance. I got it for $20 (it was 19 something,
      actually). My bride’s maid found one that was long like mine, and
      sheath style, but in blue rayon with a flower print.

      I went to floral design school, so I did all the flowers myself, and we
      got them at wholesale cost because my step-mom worked for a sign
      company who had an account with the floral place we went to.

      The food for the wedding was all buffet, stuff we did ourselves, except
      the meat. We bought 1 boneless ham, and 1 turkey, and had them shaved
      down for “ham rolls”. I’m told those aren’t found outside of Michigan.
      Basically, you get lots of dinner rolls, and lots of meat & cheese, and
      you make a sandwich out of them. Cheap, easy food. We also had 2 or 3
      types of meatballs, so the “ham rolls” weren’t the only meat. Lots of
      cut veggies, pasta salads, etc.

      The cake was made by a friend of the family, and was our wedding gift.

      The photographes were done by my father-in-law, and my aunt, both of
      whom have done professional photography before, and turned out great.
      They paid for the prints, and then gave us the negatives in case we
      wanted larger prints made.

      My grandpa used to own a bar, and provided the alcohol, again at whole
      sale, though we didn’t provide much in way of alcohol.

      Our hall was $50, because we planned the wedding in under a month, and
      it was a date they hadn’t yet rented out. If we hadn’t grabbed it,
      they’d probably not have had it rented out at all. Also, it was the
      American Legion my grandpa belonged to, so that probably made it
      cheaper, too.

      Our music was a live band I went to HS with, and they did it for $100,
      plus food. We bought nice pretty paper, and printed the invitations up
      ourselves. I made hershey kiss roses from tulle, hershey’s kisses,
      floral tape & wire. I printed off tags on the computer on parchment
      looking paper.

      We decorated with fresh wild flowers from my Grandma’s garden, in large
      blue plastic vases. We also scavenged christmas lights from lots of
      relatives, and ran those under the table clothes.

      My uncle bought a bunch of disposable camera’s and sat them on the
      table, though honestly, I don’t recommend them if you have kids at the
      wedding. You’ll end up with 90% shots of kids taking pictures of kids
      taking pictures. Or the ground. Or their food. Not worth the money.
      Invest in a nice digital camera, give it to a trusted family member,
      and have them walk around and just take pictures from time to time. The
      candid’s can turn out great, but the bonus of digital is lots of
      pictures, and not paying for any prints you don’t like or want.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Wedding Events Howdy & Wedding Question