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      When my daughter got married, she asked the matron of honor to wear purple and the bridesmaids to wear pink. They could choose whatever they wanted, and she told them that they did not necessarily have to purchase a new dress if they already had something that they felt was suitable. My daughter did not see what her attendants were wearing until the wedding day. Everyone looked lovely, and felt comfortable.

      I thought this was a wonderful idea, because with gals all having different body types, one style of dress would not look good on everyone.

      IMHO there is way too much emphasis on big showy weddings that cost a fortune. not only for the parents/bride & groom, but also attendants. I know someone who took 18 months to plan and put on a $30,000 wedding. My daughter’s wedding took a month to plan and cost about $1,200. And in the end they were both just as married!

      For my daughter’s wedding, we made everything and did everything we could ourselves ~ which included hand-printing the wedding invitations, and cooking a buffet dinner ~ and everything turned out beautifully! The wedding was very sweet and very memorable.

      Also I hear so much about it being “The Bride’s Day”, and it seems a lot of brides become real dictators during the planning, etc. Yes, it is her day, but what about the groom, and what about the parents (especially if they are paying for all or part of this day) ~ shouldn’t their ideas/wishes be considered? A wedding is a celebration….it should be a happy day, and everyone should be able to enjoy it. This is often not the case, because by the time the day rolls around, everyone is exhausted and often a bit bitter about some aspect or decision that was made. Again, just my opinion

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Holidays & Special Occasions Wedding Events Howdy & Wedding Question