How to Win at Cookie Fails


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      How to Win at Cookie Fails!  If your batch of Christmas cookies fails, for whatever reason, here are some tricks to save them (no one will ever need to know!)

      Cookie Fails via PeeweeHerman

      First, Learn why they failed:

      cookie fail
      Source: Delish

      Cut Out Cookies that Overspread:

      Once they come out of the oven, use the cookie cutters to immediately recut them.

      How to Win at Cookie fails

      Saving Burnt Cookies

      1. Use a zester to shave the burnt part off the bottom or sides.
      2. Store burnt cookies in a jar with a piece of bread- they’ll soften.
      3. Grate off the side and bottom, then use them in ice cream sandwiches.
      4. Remove the burned areas, then crush them add a bit of butter and sugar and use them as a piecrust for chocolate cream pie.

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      Bravo!  Very clever!  I’ll have to remember to ‘rename’ and treat accordingly the cookies that had a mind of their own! LOL!

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