How to Stretch your Milk to last!

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      First, you need 1 gallon of fresh milk and 1 empty gallon milk jug that you have washed out thoroughly.

      Divide the gallon of milk into the second empty container, so each container has 1/2 gallon of milk.

      Then mix up 1 gallon of powdered milk according to the instructions, making sure you stir really well, then add 1/2 gallon each to the milk jugs.

      You will now have two milk jugs that are filled with 1/2 fresh milk and half powdered milk.

      If the date on the outside of the second milk jug you used have an expired date on it, you can gently scrub it off with soap and water.

      I learned the hard way that kids are smart enough to check!

      Also, you can Dilute the milk if you don’t want to use Powdered milk.

      Diluted Milk

      1 gallon whole milk
      1 gallon water
      1 T sugar
      1 tsp salt
      You can also add a little vanilla for added flavor.

      Mix together in carton, shake and refrigerate.

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      And if you remember to chill it thoroughly no one will ever know your secret! 🙂

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      We are seniors and we mix our milk like this all the time, then we freeze some in containers so we do not have it go sour. Works great

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      My future mother in law told me about this and I started doing this just this year. I use less powdered milk then it calls for just so that it’s not so over powering with the smell. And i agree…erase the expiry date.

      My boys have caught me a few times like that. I finally told them what I was doing and told them to like it or not, that’s what they will be using so hush…I haven’t gotten a complaint LOL

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