How to Save on Decorations

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      The stores have incredible sales every year for decorations, buy close to the holiday or even better, after the holiday! You could fill your house with beautiful holiday decorations every year (if you wanted to), for a small fraction of what they originally cost!

      Save your children’s (or grandchildren’s) holiday crafts and artwork from school each year, after a few years you’ll have a houseful of free and beautiful decorations! And the joy your child will feel seeing his/her artwork proudly displayed year after year is priceless.

      Have a warm and cozy Christmas the old-fashioned way. Pop some popcorn and string it up all over the house!

      Add some cranberries to your popcorn string for a touch of color.

      Decorate your house by bringing the outside in, using pinecones and acorns! Sprinkle with a few drops of pine scented oil if you have it on hand.

      Invest in an artificial tree after Christmas – when they go on clearance!

      And don’t try to get all your tree ornaments in one year (this one is especially true for newlyweds), it took your parents years to collect what they have… and each ornament is more special because of it.

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      We buy ornaments as we travel. No matter what time of the year we can find such special ornaments! Somewhere on it we write with indelible marker the date and location we got it.

      One of our favorites is the decked out snow lady sunny herself at Galveston island! Over the years we have more than we can use so as the kids move out they’ll get a start with a box of new ornaments we’ve put aside from after Christmas sales and then 10 “special” ornaments we collected on our travels as a family. We figured the special ornaments were funner to collect instead of spoons or salt shakers!

      Right now for the ones away at school they get a mini bear tree that my Sister made us one year when we were living in Japan. My son said it’s perfect for his dorm room!

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