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      I look at the pantry and I write down the items that are there in a notebook (a

      simple steno type notebook is fine). Take your notebook and a pen with you as

      you scour the cabinets/pantry/freezer.

      Write down what you see there. Plan your menu off of what is already on hand.

      Then, decide what you need to buy in order to round out the meals. I do this

      in two ways:

      1) Go online to “Dinner At Hand” or and enter in the items

      you have, and recipes will appear that use those items.

      2) Make an “old standby” that I know can be made out of those items.

      Now, look at your coupons from the Sunday paper for those items that you need.

      Add other items that are needed and your list is almost complete.

      Scour the various ads in your Sunday flyers for items that are on your list

      that you need to get. For instance, you may be going to GROCERY STORE #1 for

      kidney beans, creamed corn and potatoes. Then to GROCERY STORE #2 for whole

      chicken, smoked sausage and pot roasts. Add on DRUGSTORE for toliet paper,

      shampoo, and sinus medication. (The flyer may mention these three items are on

      sale this week. Add in store sale prices to the coupons in the paper and you

      have great savings.) Some DRUGSTORES have a frequent shopper card that adds to

      your savings. Free to join normally.

      Also, EAT before you go shopping – if you are hungry, EVERYTHING looks good.

      I can rarely go shopping alone, my toddler goes with me. He doesn’t try to

      HELP me yet. This could be a problem with an older child. I just give him a

      couple of toys to play with and he is entertained just fine.


      “M. Alycee Dupree-Asberry” <> wrote:

      OMG!!!!! I have to learn these tricks soon. Please teach me!!! Any tips are


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