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      I used to raise and breed Boston Terriers as well as Shar Peis, and if I had it to do all over again……I would take the Bostons 100 times over !!!!!!!!!!! They are definately a one person dog. By this I am saying that they will “latch onto” one member of your family and they will guard and protect,love honor and obey and worship that person. I am not saying that it will not get along with the rest of the family….it definately will…they are such a loving little dog that you cannot help but fall over and over in love with them. But, they just usually will attach their main affections to one person, but as long as everyone else shows it love and attention and affection….it will return it also. They are very loving, and generally get along well with all other animals…cats, other dogs, etc I would love to find another one, as I am now disabled and older and my little Pomeranian that I had since she was only 4 weeks old, and
      was 8 years old, was “dognapped” from outside my house while we were moving when I let me out for just a minute or so to pee while I returned into the house to get my coat and someone drove up alongside the curb, jumped out and grabbed her and took off before I could get back outside. She had seizures and was on medications and I am fearful that she is probably now dead without the medication. That happened on November 12th of last year. I miss her so much and although I am not looking to relace her, I would like the companionship of another little house dog. If you hear of anyone with another Boston to give away, would you please either put them in touchwith me or let me know so I can contact them? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Kathy S. Anderson

      lisa griffeth wrote: I have read everything I can find on the net about Boston Terriers as a breed…now I would like togather info from people who have first hand experience with Boston Terriers as personal pets….I realize this is very OT, but you guys seem tobe such a wealth of information, I felt likethis group would be a great place to ask for help. We currently have two cats and one larger (50lb-ish) dog at home as well as a very gentle 7 year old daughter and would be adding a Boston to this mix. Becausethis is OT, please email me directlyso that the “on topic” members don’t have to deal with this
      information….. if the moderators are nice enough to letthis post through..(thanks mods!) Lisa G.

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