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      >>I clip every single coupon in the paper,except for a few things….makeup, pet food, hair color I don’t, nor will I ever use those items.<<

      So do I. Even the stuff I KNOW we’ll never use, Cosmetics, Tobacco Products, baby care Items,because I know that I can either Give them to someone, trade them for a coupon I want, or end up getting free stuff that I can use in Gift Baskets. For example, I just joined a Baby club and got 2 free containers of Baby Wipes, 1 pkg of diapers- newborn size) and some Cocoa Butter Lotion. This is going to make a beautiful addition to a Baby shower gift basket for a friend.

      >>Premade items, with the way I coupon now, matching sales with good coupons, I actually get most of that stuff cheaper than if I made it myself.<< Again, same here, I just bought Hamburger helper for .75 a box. One really easy – super delicious meal- add 2 c. chopped broccoli (orfrozen corn)and extra water to the Taco Flavor one and you can make an excellent Mexican Soup. This whole meal feeds a family of 4 for less than $1.50 and leftovers enough for 2 lunches.

      Another Item I just recently got were Oreo Cookies for .49 a Bag. I cannot make Copycat Oreos for that price no matter how hard I try!

      >>Compare, use tons of coupons, and when you get a good deal, BUY LOTS<<

      Totally Agree, I just bought 14 Colgate toothbrushes at Dollar General for .25 Each . I am fully stocked and will not be needing toothbrushes anytime soon. (I also got 6 free Tubes of toothpaste in the same trip).


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