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      it’s funny,

      I disagree with most of what you said….here’s why.

      I clip every single coupon in the paper,except for a few things….makeup, pet food, hair color I don’t, nor will I ever use those items.

      Everything else is fair game.

      I have tried many things I would never have tried before, and some I like, some I don’t. But it’s a great way to try something new.

      I have enough, food, toiletries, etc in my house to live for 3-4 months with buying nothing but soda, milk, and fresh stuff.

      Premade items, with the way I coupon now, matching sales with good coupons, I actually get most of that stuff cheaper than if I made it myself.

      Compare, use tons of coupons, and when you get a good deal, BUY LOTS

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      The first thing you need to do is check all the sales flyers and plan your weekly meals around what’s on sale. Pay close attention to prices when you shop and make notes if you need that to remember. Some sales are NOT sales! If some store in your area has something on sale at a good price, buy several of that item.

      Google coupons. You’ll get several sites that provide coupons you can print.

      Only use coupons for things you use! Even $3.00 off of something that you don’t use or is frivolous isn’t saving you anything!

      Always check the maked down meat. It’s NOT BAD! My husband is a meatcutter, and the meats they put in the mark down section are at the last day the store can sell them, but if you take them home and either cook them that day or freeze them, they are fine. You can save LOTS of money that way!

      Watch for meat dept. lost leaders. A store in our area has chicken tenders on sale every few weeks for .99! Last week they had boston butts for .99. When you find those bargains, buy several pounds and freeze it!

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