How to Save Money

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      At 10:46 PM 2/3/2008, Carole wrote:

      The first thing you need to do is
      check all the sales flyers and plan your weekly meals around what’s on
      sale. Pay close attention to prices when you shop and make notes if
      you need that to remember. Some sales are NOT sales! If some
      store in your area has something on sale at a good price, buy several of
      that item.

      This is where a price book is invaluable. Most people – me! –

      simply can’t retain all that information accurately in their

      heads. Write it down! Price books take a minimum of time

      to maintain once they’re set up.

      Don’t ever buy precut vegies!
      I can’t believe people actually pay 30% more to buy precut green peppers,
      mushrooms, onions, celery & carrots! For goodness sake, buy a
      good knife! It doesn’t take but a few minutes to cut them

      Unless they’re marked down. I can frequently buy the

      pre-sliced fresh mushrooms cheaper than the unsliced

      at my local Dillon’s – I watch the produce dept. for

      all veggies that are at their sell-by date. Again, it’s

      really a matter of paying attention.

      Carole, this was a great post!

      Cindy in KS

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