How to Save Money

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      “Stay away from precooked or premade foods. They are


      Unless they are on a Buy One Get One Free sale and you

      have 2 coupons for them. Then sometimes they are much

      cheaper than making it yourself.

      Once you have been doing it for awhile, you will get

      the hang of it. I keep a spreadsheet of what I spend

      on each item I buy. Then I can see if the sale a

      store has is really a good deal or not. I used to

      spend around $400-600 a month in groceries (I do home

      childcare and have to feed 6 kids breakfast, lunch and

      snacks on top of my family’s meals)… I now spent

      between $200-250. For the month of January I spent

      $250 but I had stocked up on sodas… got 24 12-packs

      for around $1 each at CVS on sale. That will last me

      about 6 months but I won’t be able to find a sale like

      that again for a LONG time so I stocked up.


      — Carole Scandrol The first thing you need to do is check all the

      > sales flyers and plan your weekly meals around

      > what’s on sale.

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