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      And as long as you ONLY go in to buy those items, you

      can get many items for free or even make money buying


      I make money every week at CVS using coupons along

      with their good sale items. This week I made $9 at

      CVS buying Excedrin, Fructis and makeup which were

      their items that gave extra bucks in the amount that

      you paid (Excedrin I had $3 off coupons, Fructis I had

      $1 off coupon and the makeup I had 3 $1 off coupons…

      so I made money buying those) Then I had a $4 off $20

      CVS coupon which you could find online to add in the


      It takes a little math to figure it all out but I make

      between $5-10 each week at CVS (then I buy milk there

      with the savings because most of the time it is

      cheaper there than anywhere else)


      — Nancy R <> wrote:

      > The term is actually “loss” leaders. These are

      > items which the store uses to lure you in & they

      > probably don’t make any money on the sale.

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