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      — In, “Christopher Ryan” wrote:


      > I have been overwhelmed with the amount of grocery savings reported


      > this group. Can anyone provide me with a few pointers to maximize my

      > savings as well?<< Yes, you can watch the Coupons Galore Forum at – New Deals are posted each day:

      Here is an example- this is a List of ALL the Freebies you Can Get

      using Coupons at Walgreens with their Easy Saver Catalog for Feb.

      Also, you can view the Deal of the Week on our Site:

      These deals are written out each week and include a list of coupons

      used, what the sale price was (if there was a sale) etc. All of the

      coupons can be found either on our site, in our forums or in the


      Here is last Weeks Deal:

      $158.97 worth of Groceries for $69.53

      We also recommend that you make your own groceries when possible.

      There are over 3,000 different Mix Recipes, Convenience mixes (like

      brownies, hamburger Help’er” type mixes, seasonings, beverages, you

      name it)

      If eating out is what does your grocery budget in, then I recommend you

      visit our Copycat/Clone Recipe section- for recipes that you can make

      at home to mimic your favorite dishes:

      I recommend you read our free ebook on how to feed a family of 4 for

      less than $200 a month. I wrote this e-book several years ago, and I

      actually (now that I started using coupons) feed our family of 4 for

      around $185. a month, despite rising costs. (Although now I am often

      getting $600 or $700 worth of groceries/cleaning supplies, etc a month).

      Finally, dont waste your hard earned money Paying for “Savings” help

      online- it’s all available for free, you just have to learn How to use

      the resources that are right here at your fingertips.


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