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      That is what I do now, since I live in SC. But when I lived in Jersey, they

      don’t have pump your own gas. It’s a law there I guess that an attendant must

      pump your gas. I don’t know if they have the pay at the pump things there now

      or not. My mother in law handed a gas attendant her credit card and she got her

      identity stolen. She got a call from the credit card company asking if she was

      having a great time spending so much money in Chicago. My mother in law

      informed them she has never been to Chicago. Then it happened to someone else I

      knew. So after I got charged $340 on my credit card for gas, my mother in law

      got her identity stolen, and a friend got her identity stolen by a gas station

      attendant, I always paid with cash for gas in Jersey. So far I’ve been lucky

      here, because I pay right at the pump……….but it could still happen.


      Amy W <> wrote:

      I always pay at the pump. I don’t know if all places have that, but here in

      Michigan you do your entire transaction at the pump and get a receipt.

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