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      lots of persons have mentioned “Lost Leaders” and I was wondering if someone could explain what this term means?

      mem68 wrote: Grocery shop by yourself when you are not hungry. Before you go study the sales flyers,compare w/ your coupons,mfg coupons,lost leaders, buy in season,. You will find some sales that were not listed, mark downs in the fruit and vegs. I always ck the buggy for items that are marked down, some have torn bags but most of the time have a second covering -keeping them clean and the same amt. It takes work,concetration and practice.Don’t let anyone kid you. Over time you will be able to buy on sale in bulk and not have to shop ea week. Try for once a month. Milk and bread can be frozen when on sale. Shop the out side isles of the
      store. Learn where the mark down meat is located. If you have milk that sours -mk corn bread w/ it. Get behind some one on food stamps or a senior on a fixed income and you will learn fast on how to save. You can do it .

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      I have been overwhelmed with the amount of grocery savings reported through this group. Can anyone provide me with a few pointers to maximize my savings as well?

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