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      LOL……….I like your answer. I stay home to save money too. The second I leave this house it costs me money, and with the cost of gas it can really rack up fast. I belong to a local frugal group and they are always posting all these freebie or wonderful deals around town. Well I find other than planning my grocery trips with coupons, flyers, etc. that it’s better to just stay home. I do not need a free sample of hot chocolate at a store clear across town. The best way to save money is just do without. Kelly wrote: all good ideas – another one is to stock pile and have a price book. I buy loss leaders – I look at the ads and figure out what to cook from what is cheap My daughter will ask me why do I stay home. Tell her that is how you do not spend money. I like my home. I look forward to getting home when I am at work. Carol from Pueblo

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      Stay home. When you go out, you “FIND” ways to spend $$$$. ALWAYS shop with a list. It doesn’t matter if you are grocery shopping or clothing shopping. Make a list first and STICK TO IT.

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