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      Stay home. When you go out, you “FIND” ways to spend $$$$. ALWAYS shop with a list. It doesn’t matter if you are grocery shopping or clothing shopping. Make a list first and STICK TO IT. Take cash to pay for purchases. Leave the debit and credit cards at home. When you go to the store and count out $120 in hard, cold cash, you are very aware of what you are spending. The debit and credit cards let you pay without pain. You don’t notice that you went over “just $40”. When you look at the hand with a smaller stack of cash, that “$40” leaving is immediately apparent to you. Rent your movies. Borrow movies and books from the library. Plant a veggie garden. Eat one-two meatless meals each week. Meat is very expensive. Eat at
      home. Eating out is expensive. Make your own snacks. If you want cake, cookies, brownies, etc. Make them at home. You will skip the preservatives of store bought. You can customize the flavors. You can make as many or as few as your family needs. You will save $$$$$$$$. Make a list before you leave home to run errands. Combine trips. Make your list in order of where you will go, so you are not doubling back. Make sure you end up at home. For instance: Leave home, go to video store (return rentals); go to Wal Mart; go to Library; go to Grocery Store; back home. Walk to errands that are close by. Walk to the library to return/check out movies. Walk to the post office to mail a letter. Walk to the grocery when you are only going for a few items. Put the grocery order in a backpack
      and bring them home. When you are going out and need to go to the grocery store and a few other places, take a cooler with you in your car/van. That way, you can put the cold/frozen items in the cooler and they will stay frozen while you go to the other places. Evenif you have to buy a bag of ice to help them stay cold (whencooler is not full), it is economical. Beats running to the store, back home, thenback out again. Do only full loads of laundry. Hang clothes on a clothesline. Do only full loads in the dishwasher.Let them air dry. Adjust your thermostat. Wear an extra sweater in the house. Put an extra blanket on the beds. Herlean
      mem68 wrote: Do you have any more ways to save money? I save by buying lost leaders,searching the discount shopping cart in the grocery store,B1G1F, when on sale use a coupon from the store and mfg coupon also, rebates at Walgreens,CVS,Riteaid,O’Reily’s auto,Auto Zone, buy fruit and vegs in season..


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