How to Save Money

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      Doesn’t happen here, not with my bank. I’d have known it by now if they did,

      because I only keep enough money in my checking account to cover what I need for

      the week, and we use our debit card for everything. We have never had any

      overdrafts or any other problems at all. Normally, at any given time, I only

      keep enough in my checking account to cover gas for both cars and then the

      groceries and a few incidentals. When I’m done paying bills, I transfer

      everything over to savings. Normally there’s less than $60 left in my checking

      account when it’s all said and done. Then during the week, normally, both of us

      fill up our gas tanks, and there may be one or two other incidentals that we use

      our debit cards for, and we have never had an overdraft or anything like that,

      so I do know that, at least here in Wisconsin, and with a Wells Fargo account,

      nobody puts a hold on anything. If they did, we’d have overdraft notices and/or

      overdraft protection transfers every week, and we have never had one at all.

      I guess it’s not a standard thing…at least it doesn’t happen with every state

      and every bank. I don’t know what governs it, but….it’s not happening here.


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      Hi! it’s not your bank that puts the hold on the money. It’s not even

      the store or station you went to.

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