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      Hi! it’s not your bank that puts the hold on the money. It’s not even

      the store or station you went to. It’s the stores money processing

      center, whereever that is. When you come home and check the amount it

      does you no good. The holds are not listed on the running total on your

      account , only the bank knows what they are. I had this happen at

      Christmas time , to the tune of 3 overdrawn items that the money was in

      there for, but there were excess holds put on. they will float your

      account for a week or so just to make it bounce and switch which checks

      or items come in putting the small ones through several times ,

      sometimes 2-3 times in one day. The only way not to make it overdraw

      is to not use the debit card, because you can’t tell when a hold is on

      it. My running total changes maybe 10-15 times a day, when I’ve had

      nothing clear, because of holds.So to keep it straight , we aren’t

      using the card much, these days , except emergencies. we just take out

      in cash what we need for things. Blesings,stargazer

      > My bank doesn’t do that.

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