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      Good point about the gas. I went to a gas station one time and my bill came to something like $34 dollars, and I paid with my credit card. The attendant put $340 dollars on my credit card.

      That one was so glaringly obvious that the manager actually caught it, because who takes $340 worth of gas in their mini-van? But it was not till I noticed it and went back in that I got a refund. Kelly

      Rhonda wrote: My daughter works as a waitress to put herself thru college she said
      to never leave the tip area blank. put a zero’s with a big line thru it. she has seen to many of her co-workers add tips later.

      Some people think oh its just a dollar here and there. They add up fast! One other tip is to check when you fill up at gas stations.

      One station my husband used charged one dollar for the convience to pay at the pump!! guess they are losing sells due to the fact that we aren’t coming inside to buy that over priced soda. Rhonda Never miss a thing.

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