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      what happens is, when you put your card in they charge what would be a normal fillup – to make sure that you have available enough to pay for the gas. Then when you are done they actually charge the correct amount.

      Some places just charge a dollar, and you don’t notice that.

      I know some places I make online payments will charge a dollar then the correct charge is right behind it. They do that to make sure it is a valid card.

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      You have to be careful about paying at the pump. They put a “hold” on a much larger ammount than what you actually pump and it can take 48 hours for that hold to come off of the account. For example, I pumped $35.00 worth of gas one time and I had $150.00 in my bank account. Instead of just taking out the $35.00, they put a hold of $100 on my account so that meant I only had $50.00 for the next 48 hours and needed groceries badly. I was told that it is a common practice to do that. The rep said to avoid it to pay inside and that wouldn’t happen.

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