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      Hi thanks for a great post & giving me some things to think about.Sounds to me

      like you are way ahead of the game!–rebecca

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      From: Gwyn Grega <>


      Sent: Monday, January 28, 2008 8:57:59 PM

      Subject: : How to Save Money

      This is really my first post. It’s kinda long, but I hope you learn

      something from it, I did.

      I just wanted to tell everybody about a couple of experiences I have

      had in the last couple of weeks, with my finances. For my New Years

      Resolution, I promised myself, and the Lord, that I was going to

      manage “HIS” money better. Don’t get me wrong, I have been blessed

      with a very good job, for a female who didn’t go to college. I don’t

      really have a “hard” time paying bills, have good credit, have a

      “little” in savings, and contribute 11% weekly to my 401. I am in

      debt, too far probably. i also tithe every week, but i’ll confess, i

      don’t always tithe what i should, but most of the time i do, and i’m

      always doing other stuff, financially at the church and help towards

      our local food bank so i think it all evens’ out. with that being

      said, since i decided to manage “his” money better, i started writing

      down every penny i spent, where it went, and on what. so for the first

      time in my 43 year old life I started a true budget. I’ve even

      learned some great savings tips from ya’ll that I have applied.

      Since I keep the majority of the money in saving’s, I don’t always

      worry about overdrawing my checking account, because in actuality, I

      had this idea that I’m not really overdrawing, because they transfer

      the money out of savings. I always knew they charged $2.00 each time

      they did this, but what I didn’t realize was that they did this 9

      times last month alone, even if it was only for $1.00 that was needed

      to cover something. (Can you tell I never balance my check book)

      Well, all of a sudden I realized that $18.00 (x12) was around $200.00

      a year, wonder what I could do with that saving’s? So I’m going to

      let my checking account accumulate, to cover all my unnecessary

      transfers, cause I would NEVER remember to transfer it myself. No, I

      probably still won’t balance the checkbook out, but at least I am

      aware of everything that is going on.

      Then last week I noticed, that I had a $2.00 transfer fee, to cover a

      draft, and it appeared I had the balance to cover it. I called the

      bank and she told me my “available” balance wasn’t there, what

      happened was when you purchase “gas” with your debit/credit card, that

      comes out of your checking account, most of the time it will put a

      “hold” on 50 of your hard earned dollars ( I purchased gas over the

      weekend, took about 4 day’s for my “dollars” to be mine again) While

      it is being “held” it can cause an overdraft, in my case, this did

      happen, and guess what? I had to pay a transfer fee, anyone else, it

      could have been NSF fee’s, which can cause a domino affect to say the

      least. Be careful.

      Then just this Friday, I stopped at Pizza Hut, to get a carry out

      pizza, through the drive thru line. My transaction wasn’t but $7.46,

      I paid with my debit card, there again, watching every thing I do, I

      noticed on Saturday morning, the transaction that came out of my

      checking was for $10.46. Ummmm…. How could that happen?

      I called them,

      they found the receipt, and stated, just like mine, it said $7.46,

      with nothing showing in the “tip” line. Monday morning, I called the

      bank, she said that indeed $10.46 was the actual amount charged from

      my checking. Well…..I called them back again this morning, not happy.

      The manager was nice enough to pull up the report that goes in daily,

      stating how much was actually charged/paid (not the original

      receipt)…..guess what? The cashier added $3.00 to the amount, as a

      “hidden” tip, I guess, and pocketed the money. Boy is she in for a

      rude awakening. As my kids used to say, “busted”. The average person

      may not of caught this, but thank the Lord, I did. She could do this

      numerous times per day, add support her “habit”.

      Now, I said all of that, to say this. Had I not made a conscious

      decision to give my finances to the Lord, I don’t think I would of

      found these errors, because I wouldn’t have been paying close enough

      attention. So, see how He is helping me already. Then to top it off,

      last night at church, which was the first time I had been able to go

      in a couple of weeks, because of working shift work, what did he

      preach on? finances…. *ding ding ding little bells started going off*

      ……not the tithing type sermon, but being responsible with what he

      has given us. because it is his, he gave it to us, it wasn’t given to

      us because we “earned” it. not buying fancier cars than we really

      need, not buying a new dress just because you like it, things like

      that, charging things, instead of paying cash for them, and paying

      “all” of your debts. not being in “bondage” over your current

      financial situation. being good stewards. you get the picture.

      just wanted to let everyone know though, in my learning experience,

      watch everything and everybody. it’s ashamed in the world we live in

      today, that you can’t trust anyone. if you use your debit/credit

      charge card’s, don’t let them or it leave your sight. don’t give out

      any information on the phone either. my dad and mom went cross

      country back in october to arizona, and before they could get home,

      someone had purchased $3,000 worth of merchandise using his debit card

      numbers off of the card. thank God for the internet, or he may not of

      known it for 2 weeks, luckily, he knew it while they were still

      “pending” transactions. They think it happened at a motel, and not a

      cheesy one either, when they were checking in. Identity theft can and

      does happen to anyone.

      That’s all. Just my “saved” 2 cents worth.

      Gwyn Grega

      North Carolina

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