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      I used to be a manager and close out the tills and run the credit/debit

      slips at night. Even with a line through the tip area, the person that

      knows how to “manage changes” on the machine can add whatever they want

      to your bill. It is still safer to put a line through the tip area

      because then you can dispute any problems, BUT it does not protect you

      from the hassle of having to get your money back.

      I hope the person that added the tip gets fired. That is ridiculous

      that the place was letting anyone besides management handle the changes

      to ammount on the machine at all. The two places I worked for always

      had just the managers do that.

      About your best bet is to inform them of the tip ammount BEFORE they

      run the card, then the tip line is already filled in when it is

      printed. You can tell them to put in a no ammount tip, but it makes you

      sound cheap… LOL. 🙂

      I have seen things like this happen sooooo many times, I personally say

      that vigilance is your best friend. Check all your reciepts against

      your banks website or your paper statement. You would be amazed at how

      often this happens. $1 here and $1 makes for a happy thief.


      — In, Rhonda wrote:


      > My daughter works as a waitress to put herself thru college she said

      to never leave the tip area blank. put a zero’s with a big line thru

      it. she has seen to many of her co-workers add tips later. Some people

      think oh its just a dollar here and there. They add up fast! One other

      tip is to check when you fill up at gas stations. One station my

      husband used charged one dollar for the convience to pay at the pump!!

      guess they are losing sells due to the fact that we aren’t coming

      inside to buy that over priced soda.


      > Rhonda




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