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      It took some getting used to for me to pump my own gas when we moved. I was definately spoiled in Jersey having someone do it for me. Of course now I would not have it any other way, because it’s less chance I’ll get ripped off. See now you actually handed the guy your card, even though you pay right at the pump……here you never hand your card off to anyone. When I had they guy put in $340 dollars it was done right at the pump. Which was my lesson to always watch after that. Kelly wrote: I live in Jersey. I always pay at the pump, and haven’t seen it any other option here. I bought it yesterday, told the guy to fill it and handed him my card. They had one of those systems that approves the card before the gas is dispensed. A message popped up on it saying to “check card inside”. Never saw that before. I knew there was plenty of money available. It made me nervous so I just took the card back and paid in cash.

      Btw, the no self pumping law in NJ is one of my favorite things about living here lol. Doesn’t raise the price. Our gas prices are among the lowest in the country. I hate having to pump the gas when I’m out of state. I forget and sit there and wait for the attendant to come over to my car lolol.


      From: Kelly Weyd <>
      Date: 2008/01/30 Wed PM 03:35:25
      Subject: Re: : Re:How to Save Money

      That is what I do now, since I live in SC. But when I lived in Jersey, they don’t have pump your own gas. It’s a law there I guess that an attendant must pump your gas. I don’t know if they have the pay at the pump things there now or not. My mother in law handed a gas attendant her credit card and she got her identity stolen. She got a call from the credit card company asking if she was having a great time spending so much money in Chicago. My mother in law informed them she has never been to Chicago. Then it happened to someone else I knew. So after I got charged $340 on my credit card for gas, my mother in law got her identity stolen, and a friend got her identity stolen by a gas station attendant, I always paid with cash for gas in Jersey. So far I’ve been lucky here, because I pay right at the pump……….but
      it could still happen.

      Amy W <> wrote:

      I always pay at the pump. I don’t know if all places have that, but here in Michigan you do your entire transaction at the pump and get a receipt.

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