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      Hi there,

      I usually don’t advantage of some of the 10 for 10 sales, but when kroger had

      their 20/10, I decided why not, it was for the chicken soup, I just happened to

      have coupons for 17 campbell soups, when I walked away, I had spent .33 a can,

      not too bad, had a freebie for curve cereal and grapes were going for 99 cent a

      pound, I enjoyed seeing the 64 percent savings at the bottom of the receipt.

      Have a good week, we just got slammed with a ton of snow, makes it look like

      Christmas time outside,

      Marie Elene southeast Michigan

      To: Budget101_@yahoogroups.comFrom: aweea_aka_awa@yahoo.comDate: Sun, 3 Feb 2008

      08:06:01 -0800Subject: Re: : My grocery savings this week!

      OMG, now THAT’s AWESOME!!!…

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