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      Well, I don’t find it “marked down” too often. However, we have a local place,

      United Dairy Farmers, that has little 7-11 type stores with gas stations – they

      also sell the actual DAIRY items – milk, ice cream, cheese, etc.

      When you buy 8 gallons of gas or more, you can get milk for $2 a gallon or so.

      At the grocery store, when it is not on sale, it is about $3.50 a gallon. Since

      our toddler drinks whole milk, this adds up. When we have to fill up with gas,

      and we need milk, we go there and get a couple of gallons.

      Right now, Kroger has 1/2 gallons on sale 3 for $4.00, I think. Hubby went to

      the store this week and we only needed some 1%, so I don’t know for sure.


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