How to Save Money

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      Patricia, I live in Eastern KY and some of the hospitals around here have grants

      that is used to help people that are having trouble paying their bill at the

      hospital. You go to the business office and they get the paper work going for

      you. You could look into that. Also in my town, and it is a small one, we have a

      food bank and clothing center that helps families that are in need whether

      permanently or just temporary. Also lots of our churches around here often helps

      some. My church backs the Food and Clothing Pantry and also helps monitarily to

      some of the people. You could check with these people and see if you could get

      some help. Even a little bit is a help. I know that I am not much help, but had

      the idea when I read your post and so here it is. Hilda

      Subject: : Re: My grocery savings this week!

      The problem I have is that their isn’t any money left over lately just to put

      the food on the table, let alone the shelves. I’m not in a position at the

      present to purchase anything other than what is keeping us (3 children, husband

      and I) alive.

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