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      The problem I have is that their isn’t any money left over lately just to put

      the food on the table, let alone the shelves. I’m not in a position at the

      present to purchase anything other than what is keeping us (3 children, husband

      and I) alive. No big thrills, just the basics, (loads of peanut-butter, jelly,

      bread, milk, eggs and basic needs for the house) I’ve no deep freezer, no

      pantry, hospital bills, doctor bills , physical therapy, and NO money at


      How would I start to shop with these current conditions? Our account is in the

      Red a few hundred dollars at present. We’ve exhausted all reserve funds.

      I’ve two businesses that are at present stagnate, due to lack of funds to

      promote and order products.

      Gas prices have just eaten all our reserves, along with a car accident, three

      hospital ER visits for two of my children, ten day hospital stay last month for

      one. Surgery for one of my children, physical therapy, medication, numerous

      doctors appointments. Will this ever end?

      Thanks to all for letting me vent my frustrations.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      Patricia George

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