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      At 09:23 PM 2/4/2008, Barbara wrote:

      How do you find marked down
      milk? I don’t think I have ever seen it marked down.

      I find it at our local Dillon’s (owned by Kroger). Our local

      Wal-Mart won’t mark it down – just like they won’t mark

      down produce. It’s still with the regular milk/dairy stuff,

      but it’s got the big yellow sticker on it so you can see at

      a glance that it’s marked down. Around here I can get a

      gallon of whole milk for $2.50 at markdown; which is still

      outrageous, but better than $4.25

      My favorite recent dairy deal was just before Christmas.

      My 11 yo son *loves* store-bought eggnog, but I usually

      only get him a quart or two at Christmas because the

      prices are so high. On the same I day, I found half-gallons

      at Dillon’s marked down to .50 each, and quarts at Aldi

      marked down to .25 each. I bought all both stores had,

      brought it home, and froze it in my extra freezer. We’ve

      baked eggnog cookies and eggnog pies, and ds is still

      enjoying eggnog every few days or so!

      Cindy in KS

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