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      Sometimes, asking is all it takes. I saw one last pair of those Ugg type boots

      at Target, in my youngest daughter’s size. She really wanted a pair but I didn’t

      want to spend the $20 when she didn’t need them. These were thrown in a 75% off

      bin but had no price tag on them. I doubted they were part of that sale, but

      decided to ask at the cash register. The kid looked at them, looked at the

      slippers I bought that WERE marked down and asked how did $2 sound for the

      boots? I snatched those babies right up. My daughter, who is 11, was SOO excited

      and has barely worn any other shoes in the three weeks since we got her the

      Fuggs (my kid’s word for fake uggs LOL).

      Gosh, I am not cheap, but I DO love a good bargain :]



      From: Yolonda <>

      Date: 2008/02/04 Mon PM 08:09:32 CST


      Subject: RE: : Re: My grocery savings this week!

      Probably a good third of my grocerypurchases are markdown items. Our Kroger

      here does it pretty well; I’vebefriended several of the employees, too J

      If I see that something will be out of date in the next 3days, I’ll ask

      them to mark it down. I’ve never had them tellme no. That goes for

      produce, meat and dairy. There is anotherKroger about 20 minutes away that

      marks all milk down 5 days before expiration(gallons for $1 and ½ gal for 50

      cents!) I don’t always getout there in time to pick it up but will stock

      up when I can catch it. Seems more stores would be willing to recoup a little

      money instead of throwingit all out, IMHO.

      My advice is to always ask for a reducedprice. What harm can it do? The worst

      thing that will happen isthey will say no.

      Does any one else do that too love to see how many people buy orangetagged food?

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