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      Back in college when I worked for a grocery store

      (Winn Dixie) I would see Milk marked down super low

      with a sticker on it. You just had to hit the right

      day and the store just had to still have a lot of milk

      left when they were not going to be able to sell it

      the next day. So it was just a random thing and not a

      set day of the week or whatever. Usually stores will

      sell out of the milk before it gets close to the

      “can’t sell” date so you don’t see it getting marked

      down very often.

      Also in some states, they have “penny days”… (we

      don’t in Florida). They had milk for a penny a week

      or so ago. Man I wish we had that here!!!!


      — PC Barbara <> wrote:

      > How do you find marked down milk? I don’t think I

      > have ever seen it marked down.


      > Barbara in MS


      > “Cynthia Lau-Work @Home United”

      > <> wrote:

      > I buy marked down everything! My favorite

      > right now is milk. I love to find marked down milk.

      > It is usually $1 – $1.50 a gallon. My family

      > drinks a gallon a day, so If I can find it i buy

      > about three gallons.




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      > This only happens once or twice a year so hurry!




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