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      Probably a good third of my grocery
      purchases are markdown items. Our Kroger here does it pretty well; I’ve
      befriended several of the employees, too 10.0pt;font-family:Wingdings;color:navy;”>J If I see that something will be out of date in the next 3
      days, I’ll ask them to mark it down. I’ve never had them tell
      me no. That goes for produce, meat and dairy. There is another
      Kroger about 20 minutes away that marks all milk down 5 days before expiration
      (gallons for $1 and ½ gal for 50 cents!) I don’t always get
      out there in time to pick it up but will stock up when I can catch it.
      Seems more stores would be willing to recoup a little money instead of throwing
      it all out, IMHO.

      My advice is to always ask for a reduced
      price. What harm can it do? The worst thing that will happen is
      they will say no.

      Does any one else do that too love to see how many people buy orange
      tagged food?

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