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      At 08:53 AM 2/4/2008, Kirstin P. wrote:

      when i go shopping i buy the
      food with the orange stickers (you know the food that has to be cooked or
      freeze that day before it goes bad)you can always get more meat that way
      and cheaper then sales sometimes just a suggestion. Does any one else do
      that too love to see how many people buy orange tagged

      Me, me, me! 😀

      I refuse to buy meat unless it’s been marked down – and

      preferably on sale AND marked down. That’s when I stock

      up. I plan menus around what’s in my freezer/pantry.

      The local Wal-Mart marks down meats, but will not sell

      marked down produce – the produce mgr. told me that

      the store doesn’t want to be sued – whut??? – seems like

      they’d be more likely to be sued over marked down meat

      than marked down veggies – he said they throw produce

      away instead of marking it down >:-o

      Cindy in KS

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