How to Save Money

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      I’m right there with you….My schedule is jam packed

      and we go out to eat a LOT because we don’t menu plan

      and I’m usually walking in the door late. My husband

      doesn’t “do” dinner prep…so the easiest thing to do

      is go out!

      What I’ve done lately is stocked up on those Hot

      Pockets when they’re on sale and the frozen Weight

      Watchers Smart Ones meals. On the days when we have

      nothing planned, I’ve been starting the habit of just

      popping them in the microwave for us. Sure, it’s not

      as cheap as making a meal – but it’s definitely

      cheaper than going out to dinner!


      — NCN Cultural Art Projects <>


      > I’m so envious…here in Seattle, WA. We’re not a

      > double or two fer

      > state…or at least I’ve never seen it. Does anyone

      > know why certain

      > regions or states have this? I’m not a menu planner

      > or a coupon

      > cutter…I’d like to try it but it seems so

      > overwhelming. What’s the

      > best plan if you’re always working 7 days a week.

      > We hit Costco alot

      > just because it’s convenient. But we eat out alot

      > too. Someone

      > suggested carrying a cooler in the trunk. Does that

      > really work?

      > nancy








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