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      I originally found this on a site last year but it was in another language so I’ve translated the directions to share with you.

      You will need:
      sweatshirt used
      acrylic stuffing
      a big square pillow
      thick thread

      Turn the sweatshirt inside out, gather the edges of the collar and sew with thick thread and a needle.
      If you want to speed up the process, just use a sewing machine.

      stretch the sweathshirt and mark with pins a straight line from one armpit to the other. or, use a ruler and use fabric chalk to trace the tissue.
      sew joining the front and back of the grid, following the path, removing the pins as you go.

      place the sleeves over the sweatshirt body and use pins to hold them together, then sew the sides of the sweatshirt to the inside seam of the each sleeve.

      stuff the opening of each sleeve with acrylic stuffing, chopped foam or even fabric scraps. make it as soft as possible because this part will serve as the edge of the bed.

      now fill the center of the sweathshirt with a nice fat pillow.

      sew the bottom of the sweatshirt closed. alternatively, if you want to make the pillow removable for washing you can affix a long strip of velcro to the bottom of the shirt to seal it.

      next join the sleeves of the sweatshirt together and stitch them with heavy thread.

      to keep it from unraveling (or getting chewed on) attach a simple rectangle of fabric around the cuffs and sew the edge with a seam line.

      voila, instant puppy or kitty bed.

      original source
      image credit: cris komesu

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      This is an awesome idea, thanks for sharing. We have a couple strays that hang around and I didn’t want to spend money on a bed, this will work great for them.

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