How to quickly remove windshield frost on your car

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      If you’re in a hurry in the morning and have a frosty windshield, you can put rubbing alcohol in a clean spray bottle and spray your windshield. Start your car, turn on your wipers and watch the frost wipe right off!

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      This is ok, but it willl leave a cloudy film on your windshield, come summer you will see it. Instead of rubbing alcohol, which cost about a $1.00 for a small, less then a pint size bottle, try Windshield Washer Fluid, which will cost about $1.00 to $1.50 a gallon. And put it in a spray bottle, and spray your window to remove frost.

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      Vinegar is another great way to remove frost from your windshield. We kept a spray bottle full of plain white vinegar in the trunk, in a box, to prevent leakage.

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      I like the deicer that comes in a can. I think one of you mentioned here. I can’t find mine.

      I needed it the other day.

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      I prefer moving to the south and avoiding the ice all together 😉

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      I think I would try the vinegar approach myself. Thanks for the idea! baby ruth

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      That’s a nice thought 🙂

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      Sounds inexpensive and fairly simple. Think I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

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      This is how I get frost and thin ice off my windshield too! I also wash my windows with it. Seems to clean just as good as glass cleaner!

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      Will it mess up the paint on my car, aka miss daisy? Thanks

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      I use to do that, but the bottle still froze, then I found windshield washer fluid made for winter, it doesn’t freeze up as the regular formula does.

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      I’ve got a silly solution. I keep a piece of cardboard the sizeof my windshield. Never have an issue with it or with stubborn ice on my windshield.

      Another solution is putting vinegar in with the windshield wiper fluid in my car’s reservoir. Never have I had an issue in that aspect, either. 🙂 hope I could help!

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      I will try the windshield washer fluid idea for frost. Thank you.

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      That’s really cool.Thanks for the tip.

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      Lol,,Not possible this year.

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      Are these suggestions for frost or do they work on ice too? They all sound like good ideas and cheaper than starting the car and letting it run. Thanks

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      Do any of the de icer, have any bad effects on your cars windows or paint?

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      I use equal amounts of vinegar and water.

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      Although this works in cold weather, it only works until a certain temperature. I tried it the other day and unfortunately I think negative temps were too much for it lol

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks How to quickly remove windshield frost on your car