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      i don’t know how many of you have problems with armpit or collar stains, but my husband always needed to wear white shirts to work. when i pressed them, i sprinkled them with baby powder inthe armpits and on the collar to prevent sweat stains!

      it works really well and it’s cheap!

      also, when you hang your camisoles or tanks on a hanger, loop rubber bands over the ends to prevent them from slipping off.

      (Photo Credit Pinterest)

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      Thanks for the tip, I have to try this on the hats also, they get to looking so gross. smiley-char051 smilie

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      I just have a question, my daughter wears work smock tops. We have tried all kinds of things to get the sweat odor out. She has even bought a special laundry deodorizer.

      It works some but the odor is still there. What can be done?

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