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      First of all, pizza MUST be cooked at a very high temperature in order to achieve the perfect crust. According to the experts (specifically Andreas Glatz, physicist at Northern Illinois University,) shared the following tidbit:

      A brick oven heated to 626 degrees will heat the crust to roughly 392 degrees, while the pizza top receives indirect heat from the oven and stays at 212 degrees as water boils off from the cheese and tomato sauce.

      With that in mind, the easiest way to recreate the intensity of a wood-fired or brick pizza oven is to transform your own oven with this cheap DIY trick.

      5 dollar brick oven

      How to Make a $5 Brick Pizza Oven

      You’ll need:
      2- 12″ pieces of UNGLAZED Ceramic quarry tile or 8 pieces of 6″ tiles.
      Oven with 2 racks

      Again- they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE UNGLAZED. I purchased mine several years ago from a very well known chain (big box) hardware store for 50 cents a piece. That’s $4+ tax for the whole thing. …

      We want to arrange the tile in the oven in two layers. The base layer will create the amazing crust we want, while the top will help increase the temperature within the pizza’s area by creating radiant heat from the stones above. It will also aid in getting a beautiful, lightly burned top crust.

      Place the stones into the oven while it is cold and bring up to the highest temperature possible… 500 Degree F is mine. I let the over preheat for about 45 minutes to get the stones very hot.

      Why a Regular Oven Won’t Do the Trick

      Pizza crust baked in a steel oven at the same temperature will reach 572 degrees because metal transfers heat more rapidly than brick.

      That’s much too high for dough, Glatz says, “so it simply burns.” Unfortunately, because the top of the pizza must cook as well, simply lowering the oven temperature to 450 degrees doesn’t work. While that will heat the crust to 392 degrees, the rest of the pizza won’t receive enough heat to boil by the time the crust has cooked — resulting in cooked dough but undercooked toppings.

      Now that you have your oven all figured out, here’s how to make the perfect pizza dough at home..

      by nc sa small Credit to NHLavalanche

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