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      Hey everyone,
      My husband and I just purchased our first home :dance: but the one thing i dont like is that the people that lived here before us let the ivy get out of control!!!! How to I control it?? My mom said bleach kills it, but i dont want to do that to the environment…

      Any ideas??

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      I would like to know to, I dont have that problem, but I once saw a yard covered in ivy and my hubby told me that there was no wasy to kill it …so I would like to know too….maybe burning it?

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      You are talking about poision ivy –yes? if so please read my blog below. but on the other hand — english ivy is very prettytype of ivy and some people will let their yards go to this type of ground cover.

      it trails up buildings nicely too. let me know what type you are asking about.

      oh no don’t ever burn poision ivy !!!! :011:

      I almost ended up in the hospital this past summer–My DS set a patch on fire… and I had come around the house and inhaled that stuff~ (hell is made of)…

      I didn’t know he lit that patch on fire. We had just got done cutting some shrubs down and he was cleaning up the left over brush. He didn’t know it was there,well I did.

      The reaction of that stuff did a number on me. I started swelling over night. Got to Doc’s office early next morning and got a shot.

      And some meds..I always dealt with the poison ivy before but never this bad. I usually end up with blisters and itching, every year. Had that part earlier in the Spring.

      Getting Rid of Poison Ivy:

      Once you identify poison ivy, especially if it is in your back yard, you will want to get rid of it, unless it is in a part of your yard that you and your kids can simply avoid. Unfortunately, trying to get rid of poison ivy can be difficult and dangerous, since the poison ivy plants often grow back and you run the very big risk of getting exposed while trying to kill the plants.
      Some options to consider to get rid of poison ivy include:

      Call a professional landscaper to remove the poison ivy plants, especially if you have a lot of poison ivy in your yard.
      Spray the poison ivy plants with an herbicide, such as Roundup or Ortho Poison Ivy Killer, keeping in mind that they can also kill surrounding plants too.
      Manually remove the poison ivy plants, including the roots.
      Repeat spraying or manually removing the poison ivy plants as they grow back.
      If removing the poison ivy plants on your own, be sure to wear protection and keep in mind that the oil can remain on your clothing and gloves, etc– causing a rash if you later touch them.
      Also, be sure to properly dispose of the poison ivy plants, since even a dead poison ivy plant can trigger a reaction, and never burn a poison ivy plant, as that can trigger a deadly reaction to anyone who is exposed to the smoke.

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