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      Every wonder what essentials you should keep well stocked in your pantry for everyday recipes? I’ve compiled a list of what items you should keep in your spice rack, pantry, and refrigerator. This way, you’ll probably have most of the items you’ll need for everyday cooking, minimizing the frequency of last minutes grocery store runs.

      1.) spice rack
       Ground allspice
       Bay leaves
       Cayenne pepper
       Chili powder
       Cinnamon
       Coriander
       Cumin
       Curry paste or powder
       Fennel seeds
       Grill seasoning
       Nutmeg, whole or ground
       Oregano
       Paprika
       Poultry seasoning
       Red pepper flakes
       Thyme
       Coarse salt
       Coarse black pepper

       Granulated sugar
       Brown sugar
       Corn starch
       Baking powder/soda
       Vanilla extract
       Flour
       Chocolate chips
       Nuts
       Raisens
       Cooking Spray

      dairy and deli
       Milk
       Heavy cream or half-and-half
       Butter
       Eggs
       Sour cream
       Cream cheese
       Shredded cheese: chedder, Mexican or Italian blend, etc
       Parmesan cheese

       Lemons
       Limes
       Flat-leaf parsley
       Celery
       Carrots
       Bell peppers, a variety
       Idaho potatoes
       Small, red potatoes, and small, white boiling potatoes
       Onions
       Shallots or green onions
       Garlic

      freezer case
       Frozen peas
       Frozen corn
       Frozen broccoli
       Frozen chopped spinach
       Frozen fruit

       Ketchup
       Mustard
       Dijon mustard
       Spicy brown mustard
       Mayonnaise
       Peanut butter
       Jam
       Honey
       Maple syrup
       Worcestershire sauce
       Hot sauce
       Steak sauce
       Soy / Teriyaki sauce
       Olive oil
       Vegetable oil
       Vinegar: red, balsamic, cider, rice

       White Wine
       Red Wine

      canned goods aisle
       Chicken broth
       Beef broth
       Capers
       Diced tomatoes
       Crushed tomatoes
       Tomato paste
       Tomato sauce
       Black beans
       Chick peas
       Cannellini beans
       Kidney beans
       Roasted red peppers

       A variety of pastas
       Couscous
       White rice
       Brown rice
       Bread crumbs, plain and Italian

      2.) Take inventory of your most frequently used recipes. See an ingredient that is used commonly in your favorite meals? Write it down.

      Everyone’s commonly used items are going to vary according to what kind of dishes you create.

      3.) Step3Personalize it. Find you use something often? Add it.

      Don’t use lemons very much? Eliminate them.

      tips & warnings
      *when you use the last of an essential item, write it down on a shopping list so you don’t find yourself unexpectedly without
      *buy multiples of essential items when on sale. you can always freeze extras, and canned goods last awhile.
      *if there is something on the list that you find yourself not using frequently, or quickly enough, then consider eliminating that item from your essential pantry list.

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      Very good information and a nice starter list too.

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