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      — In, “Marti Jean” wrote:
      outdoor cat, but he’s declawed…That just isn’t right!), and have
      realized after a couple days that he may NEVER get along with or
      other cat! How long does this process take??>>

      The two cats will recognize, in time, that each has his/her own turf
      to retreat to. Your message was somewhat confusing, however. Romeo
      is your cat, and Monte is the newbie to the house? If that’s the
      case, Romeo is feeling somewhat betrayed, which is understandable if
      he’s never had to deal with sharing your affections before.

      < growling, spitting match in the hall! Our dd won’t even pet Romeo
      anymore because she’s scared of him now, and heaven forbid she shows
      the other cat (Monte, short for Montegue-Juliet’s last name)
      attention! They each have their own litter box and bowls, Monte has
      a place to hide that Romeo won’t go in to…I know this is a bit off
      topic, but HELP! DH didn’t want Monte in the first place (warming up
      a bit because Monte “hugs” when he s picked up) and gives it “till

      I hope your husband will give it more time than that. I’m reminded
      of a terrifying experience we had in our home when my sons decided
      they too wanted two cats. (As it happens, we have two different cats
      now–a brother and sister, but not because these two I’m discussing
      didn’t get along.) The first cat, because cats are territorial,
      hissed and attacked the other one repeatedly, and I kept trying to
      save the smaller one. One of my sons took the two cats and locked
      them in a room together for a couple of hours. By the time he opened
      the door again, neither had been touched by the other, and they had
      become the best of friends. They were totally devoted to each other.
      As drastic as this sounds, if you can stand the suspense, I have to
      admit, I believe now that my son did the right thing and would
      strongly encourage you to do so.

      You might also, when you do this, take two bowls and, in each bowl,
      pour the juice in from a couple cans of tuna fish. (You can make
      tuna salad, of course. 😉 ) Give each cat a bowl s/he will
      recognize is for him/her. I’d consider even putting each bowl in
      that room with the cats so they both have the treat at the same time.

      Best of luck, and please, let me know, even though it’s probably more
      appropriately done offlist.

      Budget101 moderator and Ethnic Inexpensively columnist

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