How to hang necklaces, rings and jewelry.

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      I mounted a long mirror. Wide ways (The tall kind for the head to toe
      view)..Then I found those suction cups hooks. The kind we use for Xmas
      lights on the windows.

      And hung my necklaces and drop earrings and
      even rings etc. Wow It was a break as I am looking in the mirror
      anyway so they they are. So then at my computer where I seem to remove
      my jewelry.

      I mounted two there. Post earrings are still floating
      around and I need a better place for those. My questions is what will
      I use for my lights this year?


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      Hang a bit of ribbon from a tack and put the earrings through it, or put a saucer where you remove them – saucer works for rings too.

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      I use a small bulletin board / cork board for post earring (got it at the Dollar Tree)… works great, easy to use, and they are all in sight, instead of in a jewelry box drawer.

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      I use a plastic canvas to hang my earrings. there is a small tab to hang it on the wall and I put my earrings through the holes and put the post on the back. You can see all of them at one time, and they are at your finger tips.

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      I put a framed cork message board up in my daughters room she uses for jewelry hanging, she also puts her favorite pictures up. So picts are the backdrop & her jewelry is handy & easy to see & grab, not hidden in a drawer.

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      I use a lanyard and just push them through it, then I can hang it up anywhere and move it from room to room.

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      I use a plastic grid that they make tissue boxes and decorations with. The grids are used by weave yard through the holes in it.
      But I hang on up and put all my earrings on it posts and wire. Although for necklaces it doesn’t work well unless you go purchase rings from your office supply store.

      They are metal and interlock so you could hang the ring through one of the holes at the bottom and then unlock it to put your necklaces on. It just came to mind when you mentioned taking your jewelery off at the computer. The plastic is easily cut to size and you can even (if you have a wood computer desk or wall) thumbtack it up or hang it from one.
      I have one part for missing earrings.

      I put singles on it because I always seem to find the mate later on.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks How to hang necklaces, rings and jewelry.