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      image not availablewhen you’re making a homemade pizza dough, make it a little less wet than usual – meaning add a drop more flour or a but less water. if using storebought dough, roll the dough out a little thicker than usual.

      either way, roll the dough into an oblong, rather than round shape, and brush the underside of the dough with olive oil. this makes it easier to flip/handle.

      use a clean, lightly oiled grill to avoid sticking, and gently lie dough on the indirect heat source of the grill — meaning not directly over boiling-hot coals.

      when underside seems charred, oil the top of the pizza dough and flip. add a light layer of shredded cheese and other toppings.

      also, all the toppings you use should be precooked since they won’t spend long enough on the grill to cook throughout.

      also, it’s best to stick with simple toppings like herbs, thinly sliced tomatoes, etc.

      (image credit to Pollyalida)

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      Interesting and useful information – thanks for sharing

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      thanks for the info…

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      Want to do this on next camping trip.

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      I absolutely loooove this recipe!

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