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      Got Pets? Sometimes you have to trick them into taking their medicine, here’s how you can make your own Pill Pockets.
      In a bowl combine 1 T. Milk, 1 T crunchy or smooth peanut butter (make sure the brand doesn’t contain sorbitol which is very dangerous to pets!), and 2 Tbs of flour.

      I use rice flour, sometimes coconut flour, but it doesn’t matter which kind you use.

      Mix it all together until it’s smooth and the consistency of playdough. Take a pencil (eraser end) and cover it with a piece of plastic wrap. Form the dough over the top of the pencil eraser and then gently pull them off.

      This makes perfectly formed homemade pill pockets. Next time you have to give fido some medicine, place the pill in the pocket, squeeze it closed. Toss the treat to the dog and it’ll be munched down instantly!

      It helps to make a couple teaser nuggets too- no pills in them, that way they’ll learn to gobble them quickly without tasting.

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      Thanks Drea!! I will definitely try this with my pet.

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      I usually just add it to his favorite food and he eats it in a flash.

      More tips here.

      how to give your dog pills

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