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      So.. my friends daughter got a “D” in math and my friend needed a way to motivate her to bring the grade up to at least a “B”.. I’d say her brand new Phone case is doing just that!

      (haha, just kidding, i saw this on reddit and it made me laugh so hard that i had to share it)

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      OM Gosh, that’s hilarious! I’d bet my sister would love to see this and use it for my niece. So funny!

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      1. Create a routine

      2. Prepare for the morning the night before. Avoid morning chaos by eliminating the need for last-minute decisions.

      A bad morning practically ensures a difficult day at school.

      3. Help your child get organized. Organization extends beyond assembling the next day’s materials.

      Kids need help developing a system for storing and retrieving items so that they feel in control of their success.

      4. Provide a quiet place for homework, but let your child work alone. A regular time and a good workspace to complete homework are essential, and homework should be a household priority.

      5. Limit distractions. Television, computers, and video games can be a huge competitor for your child’s attention, especially when it comes to homework, so limit these activities, at least on school nights.

      6. Encourage intellectual curiosity. Engage your child in dinner-table conversations.

      Share your own interests, such as what you’ve learned recently about gardening or playing the piano. Talk about current events. Nourish your child’s curiosity about the world, and you will instill a love of learning.

      7. Allow free time. Every child needs time to unwind, so be sure that at least part of each day is free of responsibilities.

      In particular, don’t overschedule your child with too many afternoon activities.

      8. Build relationships with teachers.

      9. Focus on effort rather than grades. Show confidence in your children’s abilities but don’t ask too much of them.

      10. Learn how to step back. When evaluating your child’s overall performance, be careful not to let your own ambitions take over.

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      Yah, for young kids, I think parents can do a lot to help kids to do better in math. There’s a lot of good strategies out there, but it does involve a lot of thoughts on the parents’ end.
      I did a lot of research for my kids, and it’s mostly spending time, showing them you care, and just be there. And follow good ideas that works for you and your kids!
      I do think having strong basic numeracy and math skill is important for a person’s long term financial well being.

      So we can almost start another thread saying what we should do to make kids stronger in basic math.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children How to get your Kids to Strive for Better Grades