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      I agree with your statement from a company point of view, and your company

      probably cherishes you because of it…

      But, I dont beleive in being stuck… especially if you have a valid argument.

      Yes, sometimes you can’t get service in a department store, but when the guy

      next to you is chitchatting away on his cell phone just fine, and I can’t use

      mine, it tworks me off. If its just every now and then, fine, or just one store

      or the other, fine, but not all of them.

      I don’t want to come off argumentative, and hope it doesnt get taken this way,

      But I think that she has a valid argument. Again, I agree with what you are

      saying, and think its good to know… and these are the kinds of rebuttals you

      will get in the retention department, but maintain and keep a professional tone,

      explain your situation, be accurate and factual, and be persistent.. I would be

      surprised if you don’t get out of it..

      There are extenuating circumstances and sometimes it takes more than 30 days to

      find out the company isn’t for you..

      also, calling everytime, doesn’t always work. I am always very professional and

      kind and respectful, but i’m also persistent. I’ve been hung up on, been

      promised soemthing and even gotten the reps name, and call back and there is no

      record of it and now i’m lying. I’ve been put on hold for 35 mintues and then

      ”line is disconnected”’

      Anyhow, this is a good email to see the company pov and the customer pov…

      michelle <> wrote:

      Always be careful when buying into a cell plan. this is the reason most have a

      buyers remorse time frame.

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