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      Hi. Im new to the group and saw your question. You can get out of a

      contract but it takes a lot of documentation. I had the same problem

      with Verizon and was given many excuses. I kept notes for a couple of

      onths on names, times, conversations and finally told them I wanted

      out of the contract with no charges. They did try to bill me and I

      sent them copies of everything I had and stated that if I was not let

      out of the contract I would turn it over to the Attorney General of

      Texas for investigating. I was let out of my contract with no charges

      and its not been put on any credit report either. It just takes a lot

      and a good reason.


      — In, debeinman@… wrote:

      Does anyone have ideas on how to get out of a cell phone contract?

      We have

      > been with Suncom for five months and we are not happy with the

      service at all.

      > Does anyone know what process we need to take in order to get out

      of the

      > contracts we signed. We are definitely canceling the service, but

      I don’t want

      > to have to pay the fees if we can get out of it. I don’t feel like

      we should

      > have to when they cannot fulfill our needs. We are getting texts

      and voice

      > messages two days after they are sent or left. We can not get

      service in our own

      > home some of the times. We can be in a department store or grocery

      store and

      > can’t even use it in there. We have to either go outside or to the

      front of

      > the store. We feel it is useless to pay for something that isn’t

      providing us

      > with what we need. Any advice would be appreciated.


      > Debbie





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