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      I haven’t read the replies to your question yet, but I used to cell the following wireless : Alltel, Sprint, Cingular, and some no contract phones. I didn’t sell SunCom, but I know that they should have similar policies.

      Firstly, If you are unable to get service at your home, then they must let you out of your contract. They can’t charge you for a service you are unable to use. You might trip up your argument by saying words like sometimes I dont get service, or I kind of get service.

      When you are fighting your argument, don’t give them ammunition. You don’t get service at home or any of the places you frequent.

      You are getting your text messages two days later because they aren’t sent to your phone until you are back in the service area. As long as you aren’t getting service, you aren’t getting your text messages. I would like to give you knowledge on the voicemails, because they may take your inaccurate assumption of the voicemails and use it
      against you.

      Your voicemails are sent to you and you can access them immediately. You phone is sent a courtesy message alerting you that you have a new voicemail. It is this notification you aren’t receiving immediately, again, due to being outside of the service area.

      Now that you have this information, you can strengthen your argument.

      1) You were informed when you signed the contracts that you would have service in the areas you frequent (shop, play, visit) and at home.
      2) you dont get service at home—cant make phone calls in or out, making your monthly payment for a piece of plastic.
      3) you don’t get service at the places you frequent as you were told, again, you can’t make phone calls or receive them
      4) This is proved by the fact that it takes so long to receive voicemail notifications and to receive text messages.

      Your service, for you, is simply unreliable and doesn’t makes sense.

      Why did you take so long to report
      this issue to the company? 5 months??? You need to tell them that you have spoken with people about this…

      You need to say that you have been asking the people you bought the phone from, that you have called customer service and that you simply haven’t had the time to call every time your service goes out.

      Again, choose your words wisely. This is worse than the cancellation fee for the company. This is lost revenue in paying the sales person that sold you the phone his commission, the lost revenue in no longer having a brand new phone, and lost revenue in a guarantee of monthly income.

      They don”t want to let you out of the contract, and they will pay attention to what you are saying. this is why they send you to the retention department. they are trained on how to reply and retain your service and make you feel like there is no way to get out of the contract without paying the fees.

      also, if you are not getting anywhere with the person you are speaking
      with, get their name (at the beginning of the conversation) and ask for a manager or supervisor. no matter how long the wait is.. (they may make you think the wait is terribly long and you wont wait….)

      hope this helps.


      feel free to email me more if you have anything else that compounds the issue. wrote: Does anyone have ideas on how to get out of a cell phone contract? We have been with Suncom for five months and we are not happy with the service at all. Does anyone know what process we need to take in order to get out of the contracts we signed.

      We are definitely canceling the service, but I don’t want to have to pay the fees if we can get out of it. I don’t feel like we should have to when they cannot fulfill our needs. We are getting texts and voice messages two days after they are sent or left.

      We can not get service in our own home some of the times. We can be in a department store or grocery store and can’t even use it in there. We have to either go outside or to the front of the store.

      We feel it is useless to pay for something that isn’t providing us with what we need. Any advice would be appreciated. Debbie

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