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      For my oldest dd (who is 20 now!), we used a gumball machine. She got a penny
      to put in the gumball machine for each time she went pee pee. She wouldn’t go
      poop for several days in the potty, but when I told her she could get TWO
      pennies if she went poop the went then.

      We had very few accidents with
      her. Now my 2nd dd (who is 15 now), she didn’t get potty trained until she
      was almost 3. Drove me nuts!

      The gumball machine didn’t work with her!
      AWWW! She finally got potty trained because she couldn’t go to play school at
      3 unless she was trained. She trained over the summer before school started!
      Thank goodness!

      I can remember how frustrated/embarrassed I was from her not
      being trained. It seemed like EVERYONE else’s child was trained around me but
      mine! She wore pull ups and when her older sister got involved with it and let
      her wear her big girl Strawberry Shortcake underwear she was delighted.

      was a sound sleeper too and wet the bed until she was like 9 or something.
      That was even us getting her up at night too. She learned early to get up rinse
      off and change her own sheets too. Now I cried over that too!

      lol One of my
      brother’s and my silaw both wet the bed until they were older too. Sorry I
      don’t have any experience with boys! lol

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